Tuesday, December 21, 2010

William Rast For Target

On December 19th, the William Rast for Target collection became available in most Target stores and on Target.com. William Rast, which is co-founded by Justin Timberlake, had recently paired with Target to create this limited edition collection that is available until January 22, 2011. The prices range from $16.99 to $199.00, which is much lower than the brands normal $50 to $700 price point.

I must admit that when I had first heard about this pairing back in July I was more than thrilled. I love the lines normally rugged, yet feminine style. After eagerly awaiting this collection for a little over 5 months now, I finally made it to Target to check out the collection in person.
I must admit that I was somewhat regretting not braving the holiday crowd on the opening day of this launch. By getting to the store a day late, some of the items were already picked over.  I also wasn't impressed with the selection of pieces that were available in the store. Some of the items I was looking forward to, like the green military jacket and the brown and black leather jackets, were not available at the two locations I went to. Still, I decided to try on a few items I found mildly fashionable.
The three looks above from right to left are as follows:
1. William Rast for Target® Woven Embellished Tank in Light Gray - $26.99
2. William Rast for Target® Plaid Button-Down in Green/Gray - $34.99
3. William Rast for Target® Tank in Gray - $16.99

I liked the fit of the gray embellished tank, in fact, this ended up being my favorite item from the line. I didn't necessarily love the polyester material though. The other two tops I wasn't that impressed with. The button down plaid shirt wasn't my favorite, as it was made of very thin cotton and I worried that it would fall apart after the first wash. Also, I am little over plaid at this point. The most comfortable top was the gray logo tank, however I wasn't very impressed overall look of this tank. I thought it looked rather cheap, but for only $16.99 I guess it is. It might be okay with a black cardigan over the top, or perhaps tucked into a skirt. Not surprisingly, where I was impressed was in the denim pieces.
The first pair I tried on were the Bootcut Jeans in Dark Wash, which are $49.99. In terms of fit and quality, this pair did not disappoint. I normally buy from the regular, more expensive William Rast denim line, and the fit of this pair was very similar. So, too was the length, but being only 5'4, I expect to hem all my pants. These fit very true to size (for reference I tried on the size 26).
The other pair I tried on were the Bootcut Jeans in Medium Wash, which are also $49.99.  These too fit pretty well, however I personally like the darker wash better as it is a more versatile color, allowing you to wear them casually for day or more dressed up for night.

Unfortunately, I actually didn't end up buying anything from this collection. In the end I felt like I already owned items similar to the entire line of plaid shirts, embellished tanks, and logo t's. The droopy fabric and flimsy construction left me underwhelmed. I did like the denim though and I would recommend this to those that are on a budget. I would also recommend buying some of the pieces online since the selection there seems to be a little better than in the store. If the pieces don't fit, you can always take them back to your local Target.

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  1. I actually liked the Men's pieces better than the Women's. I reviewed a few pieces on my blog, and finally bought the dark bootcut jeans on sale this week for about $25. I'll have to hem them since they run really long, but I'm excited to wear them and love the flattering fit. I also agree with you about the dark rinse being more versatile. Thanks for your informative opinions and great photos.


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