Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chanel Inspired Quilted Purses For Less

Timeless and classy, I love a Chanel purse as much as the next person. However, the steep price tag (in the thousands) on these bags keep me from buying these quilted leather purses of perfection. I scouted out the next best thing for all you purse lovers out there. Check out the items below for stylish quilted alternatives that won't break the bank!
1. Rampage Hazel Flap,, $84.03
2. Quilted Shoulder Bag, Forever 21, $19.80
3. Nine West City Cross Body Bag, Endless, $59.00
4. Quilted Studded Bag, Forever 21, $20.80
5. Billabong Vallerie Bag, Swell, $32.99 (On Sale from $39.50)
6. Diamond Quilted Bag, Speigel, $19.99 (On Sale from $59.00)
7. Quilted Cross Body Bag, ASOS, $25.86
8. Vintage Cross Body Bag, Aldo Shoes, $23.98 (On Sale from $30.00) 

Current Coupon Codes available for the above listed sites:
  • Swell - Become a Swell Facebook Fan and save and additional 20% until 1/31/11
  • Aldo - Use coupon code 289238248 for an additional 10% off

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