Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vanessa Hudgen’s Love Heals Necklace

Mountain Love Heals Necklace Vanessa Hudgensvanessa-hudgens-cafe-02

Vanessa Hudgen’s has been spotted out wearing the Love Heals Leather Necklace on multiple occasions. I just love the bohemian look of this dark brown leather necklace with charms. I was going to try to do a Do-It-Yourself Post with this necklace, but the project ended up being a lot harder than it looked. Instead, I found a very similar style necklace at H&M for only $7.95. See the two styles below!

Mountain Love Heals NecklaceMountain Love Heals

Leather Rope Necklace, H&M – $7.95 (available in stores only)

Vanessa Hudgens photos from Singer22 and JustJared (respectively)


  1. That H&M version is a killer alternative!

  2. Kind of hard to beat eight bucks with a DIY.

  3. I made my own version of this necklace :). wasnt too hard just a bit fiddley with the plaiting... turned out better than I thought it would, the supplies only cost my bout $15.


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