Friday, April 15, 2011

5 Favorite Things Friday

Today’s list has been accumulated over the last few weeks. These are my absolute favorite clothing, shoes, and accessories items. All of these should be staples in your closet come summer! Here they are:
  1. Garren Sandal, Blowfish Shoes, $49 (Was $59.00). Save an additional 15% off with code BF010. This is a great platform sandal for that 70’s trend. Pair with a dress or a pair of flare jeans and you’ll be set!Blowfish-Shoes-Garren-Toffee-Sandal
  2. Cool Cisterns Navy Blue Maxi Dress, LuLu’s, $48. Save an additional 15% off with code myspace. This is just about the most adorable maxi dress I have seen all season. It is currently sold out, which is killing me, but you can bet I’ll be checking back regularly for when it’s back in stock.Navy-Blue-Maxi-Dress-Lulus
  3. Floppy Hat, Alloy, $19.90. Save an additional 15% off using code 15RMNJA. A straw hat is a must this summer. This is the perfect budget friendly one to add to your wardrobe.
  4. Python Clutch, Melie Bianco, $57. Save an additional 25% off using code MB25. This snakeskin clutch with bamboo, chain, and fringe details is the perfect purse to accessorize your summer wardrobe with. I love both the green and natural colors. I couldn’t pick just one.Python-Clutch-Melie-Bianco-BonePython-Clutch-Melie-Bianco-Green
  5. Pendant Necklace, Theodora & Callum, $185. This is my splurge item of the week. I'm a sucker for pendant necklaces and just couldn't resist this necklace when I saw it on Purse n' Boots' Planet Blue lookbook preview. 


  1. I love the navy blue dress and the floppy hat! Exactly what I want to wear right now.

  2. Love the python clutches... So chic and daring..

    All the best, Angel

  3. I'm all over that hat! I have a dark brown one, but I need a lighter one!

  4. love all this! i can't wait to wear my sun hat!!

  5. I love that floppy hat!! I would head on over and order it, but I think I have a bigger than average head for a girl. I'd be worried that it wouldn't fit me! It's just so perfect for summer, I could imagine it fitting in perfectly at Coachella or somewhere similar.


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