Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do-It-Yourself Feather Hair Extensions

One of my favorite trends popping up lately is feather hair extensions. Feather extensions add an edgy, playful vibe to your hairdo and can be pretty easily hidden in your hair (for those of you with office jobs). The cost to get these done in the salon can be expensive, however I’ve found the next best thing to salon extensions: do-it-yourself kits. At home kits are super easy and extremely affordable. I also found great step-by-step instructions at The Ambitious Procrastinator.

  1. Pink 7 feather Hair Extensions, Etsy, $20. From Etsy shop Futska, these salon grade extensions with link clamp are a great deal for the price. With pinks, creams, whites, borwns, blacks, and grays, the feather variety offered is super versatile and with an installation video given on request, this is a perfect at home kit.Pink-Etsy-Feather-Hair-Extensions-Futska
  2. Feather Hair Extensions, Etsy, $25. For $25 you get 5 feathers and 5 Silicone crimp beads. All you have to do is get a pair of crimp pliers and you’ll be able to do these on your own.   Feather-Hair-Extensions-Flyinfeathers
  3. Feather Hair Clips, Etsy, $12. Hair clips are another option for adding feathers to your hair. These clips are reusable making them a funky item you can keep around for a long time.Feather-Hair-Extensions-Pluckyou4
  4. Feather Hair Clips, Singer22, $57. Singer22 offers a hair clip with a great selection of feathers. This, again, offers an easy do-it-yourself method.Singer-22-HAIRCLIP 


  1. Ahh I've been wanting to try these, def gonna check those websites out!

  2. They look nice! They wouldn't look good on me though haha. I've never even tried real extensions. Although I should I'm always complaining how my hair isn't long enough


  3. I'm pretty good about taking risks now...but I feel like I'm too old for feathers in my hair. You think? Hahahaha

  4. I like feather extensions. They give a nice boho feel to a look.

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